Dragon Con 2018: Atlanta’s Annual Multi Genre Convention

Photo Courtesy of  Wabe.org

One of the nation’s leading pop culture and multi-media events, the Dragoncon parade celebrates comics, science fiction, literature, art, film, and music!

History of Dragon Con

Formally known as Dragon*Con and DragonCon

Back in the 1980s, conventions were limited by genre. There were gaming conventions, comic conventions, and film conventions, but they never seemed to mix with each other. This created a void. A comic and sci-fi lover could only embrace their love of both genres by going to two separate events. This was the case with the Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role-Players, who were a gaming and science fiction group. Being a group dedicated to two separate genres, there was no place to fit them. From this came the group’s idea to throw the very first Dragon Con in 1987, which had nearly 1200 attendees. Dragon Con became one of the first conventions to combine fandoms and genres, creating a festival where people of varying tastes were welcomed.

Dragon Con grew rapidly from its 1987 conception, and doubled in size just a few years later in 1989. This boost in attendance can be partly attributed to the rise in notable guest appearances.   Guest of Honor Anne McCaffrey was one of the first popular figures to feature at the convention, and many more followed including Tom Clancy, Ric Flair, Frankie Adams, and Mike Colter. The ever growing importance of Dragon Con made it much more than a parade of convention. In 1993, the Wizard Fan Awards were hosted here, and in 1995, Dragon Con hosted the North American Science Fiction Convention. These events were monumental to Dragon Con, and solidified it as the top multi genre convention in the United States. Nearly 90,000+ people attend Dragoncon today!

What exactly is Dragon Con?

Dragon Con combines nearly 30+ conventions in one. Video and film rooms, autograph sessions, guest of honor awards, banquets, live performances, gaming sessions, contests and a parade are what you should expect to see at Dragon Con this year. Oops, I almost forgot COSPLAY. The multi-genre theme of Dragon Con means you will see cosplay from all areas of multimedia, and these costumes are quite magnificent. You might walk and see a Bart Simpson standing next to Spiderman and the Terminator, or someone’s interpretation of the Joker. The costumes that some people make are absolutely incredible and make the convention worthwhile if the events weren’t enough for you.

When is Dragon Con?

Dragon Con Dates: Every year the exact date of Dragon Con will change, but the 4-day event is held on Labor Day weekend. This year, Dragon Con will be from AUGUST 30th to SEPTEMBER 3rd, which is starting a day earlier than Dragon Con 2017. Tickets are being sold now.

Where to Get DragonCon Tickets

You can directly buy Dragon Con tickets from their official website at http://store.dragoncon.org/

There are a multitude of different packages available, which include single day tickets, streaming packages, banquet tickets, and event memberships. To attend the whole weekend of festivities, you will need to dish out $140. If you want to avoid parking, get a group together and hire a charter bus rental to take you to this event.

Making the Most out of Dragon Con 2018

I’m sure many of you are returning attendees and have an idea of what to expect and do at Dragon Con Atlanta, but for those that don’t this will be your all encompassing guide to this year’s convention.

PLAN Your Trip

If you are visiting Atlanta, you will need to get a hotel for Dragon Con’s 4 whole days of events. It is important to see what each hotel offers and how close it is to the actual event, because getting there can be a hassle. Parking decals will be hard to find for commuters and taxis can get a bit expensive. Some transportation solutions are Uber, the MARTA train, or renting a vehicle. For large groups, a charter bus is a great option, while a sprinter van or shuttle bus fits medium and small sized groups.

KNOW the Schedule

Before heading to Dragon Con, do a little bit of research on what is happening and at what time. Doing this will help ensure that you can make it to the sessions you want to attend on time and find seats at the panels you would like to listen to. Taking a look at the schedule will also tell you what guest appearances there will be, and 2018 has a great lineup which includes Alton Brown, John Cusack, Wallace Shawn. The worst thing you can do is not check the schedule and miss some of the great events you did not even know were happening.

Plan Your Day

Once you know the Dragon Con schedule, map out your day. Try to set aside extra time between events because you will get caught up looking at the different cosplay and vendors scattered everywhere. To help you plan, check out the free Dragon Con app. It provides information to help you navigate the host hotels and stay on track with the schedule.

WHAT To Bring

It is important to bring some things to Dragon Con to make sure you are prepared. You should bring water, a portable charger, cash (in case credit is not accepted), and a bag. This small list should help you be prepared for mostly anything. If you plan on cosplaying, tape and glue might be a good idea.


Safety is important for any event. The day time appears to be more safe than the nighttime. Parties and drinking could raise some problems at night, so it might be a good idea to attend with a friend. The Dragon Con security is also available to help at anytime, so feel free to stop by them if you need anything or feel unsafe.     

Wrapping Everything Up

This year’s Dragon Con is going to be incredible, and if you are going you will definitely love it. If you plan on traveling with a group of friends, considering hiring transportation to take you to and from the convention. This will help ease the stress of finding parking and eliminate the high priced parking decals for the event. Cheap vehicles are available such as shuttle buses, minibuses, and coach buses are available anytime in Atlanta. To find transportation, complete a search today!