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Choosing Your Wedding Limo

Picking out the perfect wedding limo is not as straightforward as it seems. Unless you have looked through all of the options or have already picked out a certain style that fits the wedding there will be some research to do. With all the other planning that goes into a wedding, mulling over the best limo is an unneeded stress. Luckily, we are here to help make the choice as easy as possible. Take a look at our guidelines below and you could have your wedding limo picked out and booked within the next few minutes.

When Choosing a Wedding Limousine, These Are the Key Points to Keep in Mind

Matching the Style of the Wedding

This includes the model, whether an Escalade, Hummer, Chrysler, or other styles. You also will need to pick out a color. Solid white or black is a common choice for a wedding but also consider a ‘Tuxedo Style’ Hummer limo is you are looking for something to stand out. Hot pink limos are also popular for the wedding party.

Passenger Count for the Wedding Limo

You wouldn’t want to end up cramped in a limo because it was too small. Get a head count and plan safely by getting a vehicle that is made to accommodate 2-4 more people than you are expecting to be riding. Sometimes a surprise guest or two will attend the wedding or an RSVP may not list a +1 so it is better to be on the safe side so everyone will be comfortable.

Fit Your Budget

By booking early and locking in a price, you won’t have any unexpected extra costs that could strain the wedding budget. Getting a quote with Price 4 Limo couldn’t be easier. Go to our live chat and we can guide you in picking out the best limo to fit your needs.

Drivers, Insurance, Cleanliness, and Reliability

You are welcome to inspect your wedding limo and meet the driver before the event when you rent from Price 4 Limo. We only hire professional and courteous drivers on our team and we keep our vehicles in top condition. Price 4 Limo always has the proper insurance and we make being reliable and timely a priority. Our company prides itself on always giving the best limousine service possible so when renting with Price 4 Limo, the last key points are already handled before we even give you a quote. Of course you are still welcome to meet our drivers, inspect any of our vehicles and we can provide with with proof of insurance at your request.

Making the Wedding Limousine Reservation

All that is left to do is head over to our quote page and pick out the limo that you like best. Our representatives are ready to guide you through the process on live chat or over the phone to get you exactly what you want for your wedding transportation. We look forward to hearing from you and doing our part in making your wedding the very best that it can be.