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Best of Broadway Plays: A Complete Guide To Broadway

Shows to see, ticket prices, places to eat, where to visit – everything you need to know about Broadway.

Do you really know what the Broadway Theatre is?

A lot of people come to Broadway not really knowing what it is. The Broadway Theatre (often just called Broadway) is a collection of 41 professional theatres of over 500 seats located in the Lincoln Center and Theater District on Midtown Manhattan’s road Broadway. Broadway’s theatrical productions are widely considered to represent the utmost level of commercial theatre alongside London’s West End Theatre. This theatrical district is one of New York’s most popular tourist attraction and pulls in nearly 14 million attendants each year. The vast majority of Broadway shows are Broadway musicals and have helped make New York City the cultural capital of the nation.

The Rise of Broadway and Its Musical/Shows

New York’s theatrical presence is huge today, but that was not always the case. There was no significant theatre presence here until roughly 1750, when Thomas Kean and Walter Murray established a theatre company at the Theatre on Nassau Street. The theatre specialized in Shakespeare operas and plays, and shortly after more theatres began to open up in New York. The next significant theatre was established in 1753 by William Hallam, but shortly after that the Big Apple’s theatrical presence was put on hold. The Revolutionary War put a halt to theatre not only in NYC, but the rest of the country until the 1780s when the war concluded. At that time, theatres began popping up in New York, and in 1798 the notable 2000 seat Park Theatre was constructed (today the theater is known as Park Row). In the 1840s, a divide in New York theatre was seen when the newly opened Astor Place Theatre saw a riot from the lower class audience of the Bowery. This riot separated theatre in New York City, and the cemented that the upper class attends Athens operas, the middle class attends melodrama, and the working class attends variety shows. From that point on, more theatres began opening and Shakespeare plays frequented the many new and existing theatres.

Broadway Theatre’s Schedule

Generally, the shows and musical on Broadway with open-ended runs (no set run duration) are performed in the evenings at either 7pm or 8pm from Tuesday until Saturday. The evening shows are the primetime performances. In addition to the nighttime shows, there are matinee showings at 2pm every Wednesday and Saturday, and 3pm every Sunday which makes a total of 8 performances a week. Right now, there are nearly 30 different plays running on Broadway, with a few theatres empty.

New York City Broadway Week: Discounted Broadway Show Tickets

Broadway week is a favorite for theatre fans to snag discount Broadway tickets to some of the best shows in the country. September 3-16 is when NYC Broadway Week returns, and during this time Broadway tickets will be 2-for-1! You can start booking these cheap Broadway tickets as early as August 15.

Broadway Tickets and Shows Running

Picking a show to see can be a bit difficult. With an average of 30+ shows running at one time and a plethora of different genres, picking the best one can be a bit difficult. To help out, we have put together a list of some of our favorite Broadway plays and collected Broadway ticket prices so you can find the best shows to attend:

Richard Rogers Theatre
The smash hit from Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton Broadway is a modern day hip-hop telling of the riveting true story of the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of the most crucial figures in U.S. history.
Ticket Prices: $285+
Run Time: 2 hours and 55 minutes

Dear Evan Hansen
Music Box Theatre
The 2017 Tony Award recipient for best musical is a touching musical that explores how one lie can change the course of a young teen’s life.
Ticket Prices: $119+
Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

The Book of Mormon
Eugene O’Neill Theatre
A profane musical comedy about a Mormon mission gone wrong written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Ticket Prices: $69+
Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Angels in America
Neil Simon Theatre
Angels in America is an exploration of love, justice, identity and theology, of the terror and necessity of change.
Ticket Prices: $99+
Run Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes

The Phantom of the Opera
Majestic Theatre
Broadway’s longest running musical dives into the live of singer Christine, and her love with the embittered phantom.
Ticket Prices: $29+
Run Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Gershwin Theatre
Discover the surprising tale of the Witches of Oz in what has been called the one of the best musicals of the decade.
Ticket Prices: $89+
Run Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes

School of Rock
Winter Garden Theatre
This family friendly show is based on the hit film, School of Rock, which follow a wannabe rock star who poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious school.
Ticket Prices: $59+
Run Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Bronx Tale
Longacre Theatre
A Chazz Palminteri play and film turned musical that follows a love triangle between a boy, his dad, and a gangster neighbor.
Ticket Prices: $39+
Run Time: 2 hours

Broadway Dining

The food options are plentiful. Street vendors, fast food, and restrauants pack the streets, here’s what you need to know…

Where to Eat On Broadway

An evening showtime at 7 and 8 makes dinner time a bit unusual. You should either plan to eat an extremely early dinner or a post-performance dinner. The theatres have snacks but often times it will either not be enough or a bit too pricey. No matter what you expect to do, you NEED to plan ahead. Getting food before and after the show will be a hassle if you try to wing it you may end up walking 20 minutes just to wait in a line to get a bite to eat. All of the shows are going to be packed, meaning that everyone attending a show is in the same boat as you, looking for a place to eat. The shows will be packed and so will the restaurants. Remember, this is the bustling city of New York now made more hectic. You are going to need a reservation if you plan on eating dinner near Broadway before or after your show. Here are some of our favorites places to eat at:

La Masseria
235 W 48th St, NY 1003
This is the perfect pre-theater dinner spot that features classic dishes with fresh ingredients to capture the true taste of a farm to table dining experience. La Masseria with its cheesecake, fine wines, and homemade italian food is one of the best Italian restaurants in the Theater District.

362 W 53rd St, NY 10019
If you are looking for authentic Tokyo style yakitori for a pre theatre meal, this is the spot. This Japanese restaurant has mastered the art of yakitori and offers upscale dishes of only the finest ingredients.

Dallas BBQ Times Square
241 W 42nd St, NY 10036
The Texas experience has been brought to New York and we could not have been happier! Dallas BBQ brings authentic BBQ ribs, wings, and burgers to Times Square, making it a great place for a greasy meal before, or after you show (Dallas BBQ has late night hours).

141 W 41st St, NY 10036
Ootoya specializes in home cooking and brings to NYC traditional sashimi, hot pot, and teishoku. These healthy meals are fresh, and great for those seeking oriental cuisine.

Looking For Broadway Transportation?

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