bride and friends at bachelorette party

Ideas for Planning the Best Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

Here are some of the most exciting ways for you to celebrate your upcoming wedding and bond with your friends and family!

The starting point: Planning your party

Although it may not seem like it, planning a bachelor party or a bachelorette party can be a hassle. If you are expecting to just call up the local golf course and set up a round of 16 holes for your bachelor party, you might be in for a surprise when you find out that it’s not that easy. For a bachelor party and a bachelorette party, more work will be needed. Don’t get me wrong, planning this won’t be some overdrawn, stressful process, but it will take some time and effort. The point of this party is to celebrate the soon to be newly weds with an entertaining experience that brings them closer to the family and friends that attend, so it will take some time to get it right.

  1. Find out when everyone is available

    The first thing you are going to need to do when planning is find out the date of the wedding and when everyone expects to be in town for it. The point of a bachelor of bachelorette party is to celebrate your waning hours of freedom with your friends and family, so you need to know when they will be in town. If you know and plan your party around the date of the wedding this will give you the biggest turnout. Once you do this, pick a date. This should be done about a month or so beforehand so you can give everyone enough time to plan their schedule to make sure they can make it. It is important to choose a date that isn’t a holiday or vacation time. You don’t want to have this amazing party planned out and then find out that a lot of the prospective attendees have their own vacations or trips planned already. Planning ahead will help make sure people can attend, but if you intent on taking a long distance trip, expect to tell the attendees more than a month in advance, especially if you go international (passports take 6-8 weeks to get).

  2. Figure out the guest list

    This is important because it will define the whole party you plan. By now, you should have an idea of both the date of the bachelor or bachelorette party, as well as the wedding guest list so this will give you a rough estimate of how many people will attend. Expect to send invites out only to find out not everyone will show up. This is normal. Some people just have obligation they can’t get out of so don’t fret it. By now you should know whether or not you are going to expect a larger or smaller party. This will help you out when it comes to planning the activities of the party itself.

    Note: For 12-16 invitations, expect about 8-10 people to show up (ASSUME not everyone will show up, but MAKE SURE that your plans can accommodate all 12-16 in case for some miraculous reason everyone can make it!)

  3. These are your friends and family, know what interests them

    I’m sure you are familiar and probably close to many of the people going to the bachelor or bachelorette party, so you should have an idea of what activities they like. It is a bit easier to break their interests down in categories, such as thrill seeking, partiers, and such. Do this and devise some of the top categories of interests. Once you have gathered this list it might be a good option to share with a few friends to see if you are about right on their interests. This will help make sure that your ideas for the party will be exciting to the attendees. The worst thing you can do is plan something you think everyone will like, and then you find out everyone hates, so take some time on this step!

  4. Start putting together the PLAN!

    Congratulations, you should have everything you need now to plan out your bachelor or bachelorette party! Knowing the expected guest count, interests, and dates is all you need to finally get to the good part, setting up the party plans. Below will be a list of some of the traditional, and unorthodox ways you can have an amazing party!

Here’s the good stuff: The Party Ideas

three people skydiving

Thrill Seeking

Go on a Hunting trip – More likely to be a bachelor party idea, going hunting is a great idea if the groom likes the outdoors. Spend a day or even a weekend with your buds trying to get a new trophy.

Spend a night Camping
– Another idea for the fan of the outdoors. Go to a campground or find your own, spending a few nights in the wood is a lot of fun and will help you get closer to your friends. Mix in alcohol, board games, bonfires, kayaking, hiking, and fishing and you got yourself a real winner

Jump out of a plane (Skydive) – This is for the truly death defying. Jumping out of a plane is scary. If you group loves the thrill of falling thousands of feet in the air, this is the idea for you.

Ski or Snowboard down Mt. Everest (or whatever mountain you choose) – We know, not everyone will be able to ski down Mt. Everest. I mean, it is the tallest mountain in the world, but the idea of skiing is a good one! Going on a ski trip is a good way to hang with your pals, maybe even rent a log cabin and stay a few days, it will be worth it.

White Water Rafting – Maybe mix this in with your camping trip or do this alone, but white water rafting is an incredible experience. The rush of rocketing down a river while hanging on to your giant tube for dear life will be spectacular.

Play a few games of Paintball – This might not be as over the top as some of the other ideas, but I mean who doesn’t want to shoot their closest friends with paint. Have fun with this, it will be a great time splitting up your party and pitting them against each other, or taking on the local paintball enthusiasts who frequent the fields (party against party or party against others, this will still be fun!).

Rent dirt bikes or dune buggies – Racing in a dirt bike is fun. It is even better if you are lucky enough to have natural scenery to view. For those with a desert landscape, the land begs you to drive a dirt bike or dune buggy over its sandy hills.

people at club celebrating


Go clubbing downtown – This is probably the most traditional bachelor and bachelorette party idea out there. It makes sense, most people like to go party at a club or a bar, and this might even be the way the newly weds met!

Head over to New Orleans and check out Bourbon Street – NOLA is famous for its never ending party. Bars open all night, streets full of party goers, what’s not to love? If you like happy hour, and mixed drinks, this is the place to go.

LAS VEGAS – Vegas, need I say more?

Bartending night/ Drink off – A little different than the usual, invite your girls or guys over and have a night of serving each other drinks. See who can make the best cocktail, or Long Island Iced Tea (fun fact: a Long Island has no trace of iced tea in it) and crown the champ! Or, you know, just see who can drink the most in a competitive fashion (be safe!).

Throw a party – Relive your highschool and college party days. Have a party. Invite over all of you friends (maybe even have a co-ed bachelor/bachelorette house party if the two groups allow it) and rage!

Go to a music festival – If you plan it right, you can make it to one of the many music festivals thrown year round. This is a great idea for both a bachelor and a bachelorette party, just make sure everyone likes the music!

casual bachelor party celebration

Casual Ideas

Spend an evening out at a fancy restaurant – If you don’t really want some extravagant event or party, an evening at the local steakhouse is an excellent option. Sit down and enjoy delectable food while reminiscing and bonding with your family and friends.

Play some video games – I’m not sure how many bachelorette parties would be a fan of this idea, but I know some men would love to do this! Video games are group based already and there are some great games out there for a day and night of fun.

Go to a sports game – If you have sport fans, catch a game. This is a great way to just relax and watch you team compete.

Head over to a theme park – Have a magical day! Disney is the spot to spend your theme park party, but if you don’t live in California or Florida, another theme park will do. A day full of attractions and sightseeing at a theme park is great!

Test your group at an escape room – This is my favorite idea. Work with your fellow friends. Struggle as time ticks down. Coordinate to get out! An escape room makes everyone work with one another (talk and get to know more about each other) as you race to escape some crazy scenario.

Play some golf – This is a traditional bachelor party idea, but a classic one. A day at the golf course is relaxing and a test of skill.

Have a cigar or beer/wine tasting – Go on a trip or do this at home, a cigar night or beer and wine tasting is a classy way to spend your last moments of your single life.


Olympic games against each other – Split up in teams and compete against each other (or have the bachelors compete against the bachelorette!) in a competition to declare who is victorious. Set up Olympic style games to find out who’s skill is greater (while still having fun of course).

Beer Bicycle – Literally, ride a bicycle bar. Pedal away the calories of your beer as you drive around the city on a mobile, beer, bicycle.

Submarine tour – This nontraditional idea explores the depth of the ocean. For aquatic lovers, mix this in with a day at the beach swimming or fishing and you have yourself a real winner!

Co-ed Bachelor/ette party – I know, this idea sounds crazy to some, but honestly, it’s not that bad. If you find a way to pit the two parties against each other, this will be a great time (ex: Olympic games).

Wrap it all up!

Now that you have everything picked out, make your reservation. Call up and reserve your spots ahead of time to make sure that everything is in order. Oh, also now is the time where you will need to pay for the event, or at least put down a deposit so make sure this is taken care of. Once you’ve done this you are almost done. Let you guests know what’s going on and that you’ve finalized the plans. Email and text work great, but another idea that works well is make a groupchat with everyone invited. This will make sending out updates and information easy, and also let everyone else know who to expect to be there.

THAT’S IT, You’re Done!

Hooray, you’re done! See it wasn’t that bad, and now you have a perfect party set up, enjoy it!