school bus for field trip

Affordable School Bus Rentals for Your Next Field Trip

School buses are classic vehicles for affordable transportation. They are commonly used for student extracurricular activities such as field trips, and also non-school activities like camp trips, group outings and company outings. Those are not the only common uses for school buses. Sporting events, concerts, road trips, and corporate events frequently use school bus rentals to service them. The reason why is quite simple. They are affordable and reliable vehicles driven by a professional with prior experience, and can carry large groups of people. When we say large group of people we mean it. Some of our school buses can carry more than 50 passenger!

School buses provide a balance between comfortability and affordability for large parties, which is not that common in the industry. Charter buses are the closest comparisons to school buses in terms of service features and passenger capacity, but generally are more pricey. Research has stated that charter buses can be nearly 40% more expensive than school buses. This price discrepancy makes a school bus the most ideal way to travel with a group if you are trying to save some money. Just because the price is lower to reserve a school bus does not mean that it is not high quality.

There are various different types of buses out there with different amenities. Some common examples are mini school buses, traditional school buses, and party school buses. The availability of these types of buses and others will depend on the location and date you are looking to rent.

Why Rent a School Bus

You can’t mistake a good old school bus. When you see the big yellow bus pull up, you know fun is right around the corner. Whether you need to transport a sports team, choir, or students, school bus rentals are an affordable option.

Mini School Bus Rentals

Mini buses are often smaller than the traditional school bus and can be used for groups with less than 20 people. The interior comes standard with leather seats and a standard audio system. There are upgraded mini-buses with TVs available in select areas.

Party School Bus

This ride is a customized school bus that has been converted to a party bus.

The party school bus rental includes limo-style leather seats, TVs, a premium audio system, and colorful LED light displays to make you feel like you’re in a club! Get ready to have some fun with a party school bus!

School Bus Rental Pricing

As a nationwide company, we have vast resources and affiliates which helps us deliver the most affordable pricing available. Price4Limo can provide service for nearly any event at a great price, and even supplement that with promotions and discounts. For extended rentals, we even offer multi-hour packages, and free hour promotions with a reservation of certain lengths. Ultimately, the pricing will vary due to a few different factors. Availability, location, and vehicle size are some of the major influencers on price. What is available at the time changes and the price with it. On top of that, rental time, and distance traveled also play a role in pricing. The longer you need the vehicle for, the more it is going to cost. We want to make sure these longer trips remain affordable so we implemented promotions and discounts associated with longer rentals.


If you are looking to find a school bus to book, we can help you out. Renting with us is a breeze! We can get you an instant quote in 30 seconds or less, with no email required. Our quotes will show you all the different vehicles we have available for the date and time you are looking to reserve, along with the prices, including tip. It is easy to compare the different prices per vehicle and find the best option for you and your party. Every vehicle is unique which means that features and benefits are specific to each vehicle.

During The Trip

Flexibility is something we value highly. We know that not everything you plan out is going to happen. You might see a restaurant you want to stop at. You might have to make an emergency bathroom break. No worries, the choice is yours. When you reserve with us, you don’t need to plan out you exact itinerary and stops beforehand. Instead, you can make the choice to stop and go where you want along the way! You have the power to direct the driver, but if you are curious about some local places to check out, ask the driver. They are experienced locals who know what is around there and might just help you find your new favorite bar.