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10 Best Bachelor Bachelorette Party Ideas 2016

Bachelor – Bachelorette Parties (The Best Of)

It can be difficult to get fresh and fun ideas for a bachelor party. But when it is your best friend is getting married, you might just want to make the extra effort. Whether you are planning a party for the bride or groom, the only ingredients required are a set of cooperative friends, a suitable budget, vivid imagination, and reliable transport. If you can provide the first three, we will provide the transportation in an exotic limo our party bus!

Here are the Top 10 Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Ideas

10. Treasure Hunt

The friends of the bride and groom can collaborate and arrange a treasure hunt for the bride and groom to seek out by finding the clues. It can lead to a jokey wedding present or even the genuine one. Choose a spacious location for this activity so there is plenty of room to explore.

9. Swimming Party

Organize some pool games with the intimate friends of the bride / groom. Add some champagne, music and excellent food to jazz up the occasion. The country club should have several options.

bachelor bachelorette pool party

8. Spa Evening

Arrange a special spa outing to the spa and spend the day pampering yourselves. Get relaxing massages and facials. An additional advantage of this plan would be the bride / groom and the party would be refreshed and look good for the wedding long before it even starts.

7. Amusement Park

If you thought amusement parks are only for kids, this is the time to re-evaluate your ideas. A trip to the amusement park could be great fun with your friends. Spice it up even more with challenges between the group members on trying out the scarier rides.

6. Naughty Party

Embarrass the bride / groom by having them participate in a naughty dare. Ask them to dress up in something silly and sell kisses or phallic shaped sweets or even condoms. Make sure you don’t harass anyone or break any laws.

5. Take a Cruise

Rent a yacht and party up there. The gentle waves splashing outside, the breezy ocean air and the wavy motion of the boat should make for a different kind of party experience.

4. Murder Party

If you really want to get creative, organize a whodunit with a victim, clues and a murderer. This one needs a lot of people so involve as many friends of the bride / groom as you can. Here is an incredible must watch video with a Rambo themed bachelor party:

3. Glamping

Arrange a camping trip in comfort. A short break in natural surroundings is the perfect way to connect with friends before a wedding ceremony. Make sure that everyone brings a ghost story to tell around the campfire.

2. Road Trip

Take a few days off and go on a road trip with the bride / groom. Stop at tourist destinations and popular hot spots and work up amazing memories. Don’t forget the music playlist and the map!

Bachelor Party Road Trip

1. Beach House Party

Rent a beach house for the occasion and work on a nice tan that could come in handy for the wedding. You can organize all kinds of games by the seaside, or just laze on the sand, drink and talk.

Whichever theme you choose, a fast and reliable transportation is essential. We provide party buses and limousines to cater to wedding events. With us in charge of your transportation, your bachelor / bachelorette party idea is sure to be a success!