Bus Wraps

Bus Wrap Advertising

Want more exposure for your company that will actually be noticed? Billboards don’t command the same attention as they used to since most people become ‘ad-blind’ due to there being so many billboards out there. Billboards and other static advertising methods just aren’t as effective as they used to be. Consumers are being barraged by ads and ‘special offers’ all throughout the day. To catch the attention of people, you have to do something new and different.

Advertising with Bus Wrapping

Bus wrap advertising catches the attention of people in their cars and pedestrians alike. Bus wraps are interesting and mobile which makes onlookers more likely to remember what they saw. People are more likely to tell their friends and co-workers about the dynamic ad they saw on the side of a bus than they are to talk about a typical commercial or billboard ad.

Bus Wrap Advertising

Wraps are now typically decals that can be easily changed or replaced rather than the old method of painting the bus. The decals are much more cost effective and and drastically lower the bus wrap cost to the advertiser. The decals are cheaper than taking the bus out of work and paying for a professional to paint the advertisement on the bus and then waiting for the paint to dry and taking care of touch-ups.

The bus wrap decals can be added and removed from the bus if there are several ads that a company is wanting to split test for effectiveness. This just is not possible with a painted on advertisement.

With decals, the advertisement can be run only on certain days or times of the year if a company prefers. The added flexibility and overall cheaper bus wrap cost makes this method of marketing a simple choice.

Call the Price 4 Limo office at 305-387-3035 to speak with us about getting your own custom decal to advertise on one of our buses. We have buses around the nation and we can get more exposure for your company with our buses that stand out and draw the eyes of people in your city.