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Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Transportation

As your wedding nears and aside from the usual wedding jitters, you can’t help but wonder if you can spend a night out with your friends? Is there are new way to party with your close pals aside from renting a stale venue? How about a limousine or party bus rental!

A new way to hold a bachelor or a bachelorette party is by riding a limousine or a party bus. This completely new concept is all about lavishing luxury, treating your close friends in a more personal manner and definitely having the best time of your life.

Limo Service for Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

A limo service will become your mobile party venue with all the fantastic luxury amenities that you may have only seen in movies. This ride has all the top features such as luxury seating and interiors, private panels, power windows and roof access, club lighting, updated video and audio systems and a private bar. If you are looking for something new in a limo ride, you can even request for limos with incredible features such as hot tubs and beds.

A stretch limo is another type of limo which is longer and even more luxurious that average-sized limousines. This kind of limo will fit more guests and will also have more fantastic features to spare.

Party Bus for Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

A party bus is a wonderful ride where you and your guests can party like there is no tomorrow! Looking like an unsuspecting tour bus outside, this bus has all the amazing amenities for partying and hosting. Features such as club seating, carpeting and lighting, a full—sized bar, plenty of legroom for a lot of guests and lots of amazing amenities that makes this ride a truly memorable ride.

Are you looking for a more intimate moment during your party? A party bus rental has special rooms where you can have a little privacy. You can also bet that you will have plenty of legroom for a small party, games and hosting events.

A limo and party bus ride will never be complete without a professional driver who will operate the vehicle. He will make sure that you arrive on time all the time in any destination. You can even count on your driver to take you to the best places in town and therefore act as your tour guide.

Usually a bachelor/ bachelorette party winds down till the wee hours of the day. A rowdy party will be completely out of control and therefore you need as safe ride back to your hotel or back to your accommodation. Your driver will make sure that you and your guests will come home safe and sound.

In shopping for the ideal company to hire for limo or party bus, make sure to compare and to read reviews and recommendations. Be sure to be on the lookout for discounts and package rates too. A limousine ride and a party bus ride will definitely make your bachelor/bachelorette party one of the most memorable. Protection Status